Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Post @@

I was looking myself in the mirror...

I saw a glimpse of hope....


So I took my scissors.....

And I started to cut my own hair.....

and I realized ....

I dont need to go to the barber shop anymore......

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Simplicity Progress. *updated*

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Avenged Sevenfold concert @ Singapore, Max Pavilion.
24 Oct 2008

A lot of people have asked me about the concert and i figured out i will just tell the story here lol
because it could be a long one.

I arrived at the Max Pavillion around 5pm, which means 3 hours before the concert and I can already see some fans even in the MRT station courtesy of the Avenged Sevenfold tshirt they used. (And i wonder where can i get those coz a lot of people there used it....duh....)
I saw TONS of people already waiting there, in groups, sitting, some are playing cards, eating, playing PSP, screaming @@, and stuff.

Most of them are local, whether singaporean or malaysian im not sure, male. but of course there were chinese as well, and surprisingly i saw some chinese girls in groups. wow.
they must be pretty cool to listen to A7X lol

so to make a long story short,
about 2 hours before the concert:
there was someone fighting. i saw a big guy punch a fat guy and the fat guy was owned in one punch. wow. well all of us were looking at them. and the big guy left the scene.

30 minutes later the guy came again, and this time he fought with another guy with some of the friends were trying to hold him back.
. . . . the security guard came and were trying to deal with him.
and so finally the problem was solved, he hugged the "enemy" and make a PEACE sign, and a METAL sign. everyone was cheering and clapping for him, and as for me i was just keep quiet and thought about it; it's bullshit.

about 1,30 hrs to go:
we were standing waiting to go in.
this is the worst part, we were like chickens waiting to be cut off and fried.
it was so so so crowded. i waited patiently, just stood there.
and the guys behind were very very crazy.
they sang some of the songs (the concert hasnt even started yet!) and well some of us sang along with them, and they even sang some national singaporean song maybe? i dont know coz it seems like everyone knows that song and they laughed but i was just, HUH???

bodybuilding. dancing. singing.

yea bodybuilding lol, we were pushing here and there to go in, man it was so crazy and wild.
anyway finally i was inside.YAY!
i got like 2 or 3 lines just infront of the front bar. so it was so close! i can see them clearly, yeah awesome!!!!

the concert was even wilder than the waiting part, of course~!
there was like 4 or 5 times that we were pushing here and there and i was trying so hard to keep my feet on the ground..literally keeping it on the ground.
and i saw some of the people were being brought off coz they couldn stand it anymore and i even saw one girl that was unconcious. no surprises with those kind of fans.

what else can i add... hmmm
well to conclude, it was the craziest concert ive ever been. and the first time that i was alone lol, not a problem, quite fun as well :D because when ure just one person u can just go infront and "cut" the line.

Avenged Sevenfold has the craziest fans ever!!!! well even M.Shadows said it himself, something like : "you guys were one of the craziest (or wildest) fans ever.....blabla.....i'd like to come here again...blabla...." something like that.

i bet they will come to singapore again, i mean i would if i were them. and when they do, i would surely go there and watch them again, this time i'll bring more spartans to go and we dine in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was a great experience and it will be remembered for the rest of my life lol.
money cant buy that memories, and i had a great time in singapore as well.

this is how life should be spent.

it was Priceless.

here are some of the pictures that i cut from the video i recorded

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Love it!

urh i dont know why but once i watched the video, i fell in love with it lol
and great song! :) for me at least....

Stereophonics - You're My Star

- Luc Janin -

“The music and the song were so strong that any image trying to illustrate the lyrics too literally would have felt weak to me. I thought it needed to be a completely abstract visualization that left room for individual interpretation.”

Inspired by the Indian Hindu “Holi” festival, Luc Janin’s video for Stereophonics “You’re My Star” is an emotional journey with a colourful twist.

The “Holi” festival is an annual festival of colour and togetherness in India where people throw coloured powder and water at each other in huge street fights that lasts for hours. “The concept offered amazing photographic opportunities with the vibrant powders flying around, colouring people of different ages and appearances in a location full of textures. However I wanted there to also be an emotional core to this film rather than just being about a look”. By capturing a crowd of real people and allowing the audience to identify with and enjoy their varying expressions, reactions, and personalities, Luc’s ambition was to create a genuine emotional feel to the piece.

Casting 80 Indian extras of all ages and appearances was vital to creating an authenticity to the ‘event’. Annex Films undertook an extensive street casting process to secure a diverse mix of characters, diverse in ages, looks and sizes. The shoot was booked to take place in a one day shoot with two 16 mm cameras rolling to capture all the action.

The video starts in black and white, we see shadows hiding and moving around corners and passages as the band play oblivious in a street. The tensions build as we see groups of people running along streets, over fences and through doorways. The cold and aggressive atmosphere builds until the groups start throwing missiles into the air at each other across the band. Suddenly there is an explosion of colour in the air as the video literally moves from black and white into colour and the tense mood changes into jubilation and frivolity. Even the band can’t help but smile as an all out colour war envelopes them.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


ermmmmm the illustration so far.... in progress. . . . still in progress................................

Vector Again

OKAY which one do u want more ? lol

yeap , i have modified the placement of the font bcoz the previous one was quite confusing to read.

P.S --- The first one was just for fun. duh.


I only have this 2 for the progress @@
comments? thanks!
( err yea the second one is the "more" finished one, and the 1st one was the progress )

Photo Montage

My changes.
oh for the last picture it was a bit distorted, sorry.
basically the last one is the mmmm established one haha
any comments?

Music (From the Previous Post)

This was posted inside the 'Think About This' before, but I thought it's already out of topic, so I guess I separate them.

Maybe some of u, or I think a lot of people will think about taking a music major is a really stupid decision. Music cant and wont feed u whatsoever. Music is just for those that are not "talented" in school. Music is easy.
Let me get this straight, Music is NOT easy. It is not. Accounting, business, design, and stuff is easier than music.

Music is not just about writing a song and play it. no. It's about all the feel, the tones, the tempo, the emotion, the skill, and so much more. u don't just listen to some song and say : it's crap. because the song is not POP or has good and catchy tone.
u have to listen, and think all the details. how they actually do this? can u, urself do that? and why does the singer make this kinda song? stuff like that. u have to think behind the stage.

good tone is not a guarantee that it's a good song

okay for example.. drumming. maybe for some drummer out there, they still think that as long as u can do the beat well, then u're a good drummer. or maybe as long as u're fast, u know like those punk music, u're a good drummer. no no no.
I want to emphasize on the "speedster" drummer. Fast maybe can be cool for "normal" people. but if u're fast but u dont take care of the tone, ure just as well as a rookie drummer. u just hit all the toms. the snare, the crash and everything. it will just create NOISE not SOUND.
it's noisy, and we know that noisy is not a nice thing.,

okay sorry, back to topic. music is not as easy as it looks.

I had some experience when I was in ICOM, before i went there, i just play the drums without taking care of those things , the details.
but I got A LOT of experiences there, and yea it really improved my playing, and change my perception of music.
I remembered that time we were having a performance, and my lecturer told me to..: " on the verse part, don't hit the snare too hard. then when it get to the chorus part, hit it harder."
i mean, i know it doesnt really sound different anyway, coz its a very small detail that maybe they wont really notice, but yeah. it opened my eyes that actually music has SO MUCH small details that need to be taken care of.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Think About This (for all TOA students) 'edited'

hey there.

I had this thinking when I was taking my shower (I dont know why lol),
I thought about this current life, my life in TOA (the one academy), I compared it to my ICOM life and even my high school life back in my hometown.

well maybe it's high school, so we are quite free and quite careless about anything.
but when I was in ICOM, I feel that I am alive just like the high school time. Of course we had assignments as well, classes, practices, yeah I felt depressed too. though it's fun!
i still had my life. i still be able to swim or play futsal (football), having fun with friends, hanging out. I can do my hobbies there. and of course i'm not as cold or as emo as when I have moved to TOA.

yea and when I moved here, at first I still have the habit of having fun and stuff .. and I knew that if I do that, basically I'm dead here.
it's all about working here. work work and work.
after u finish PROJECT 1 which consumed u A LOT of time and energy, then PROJECT 2 is coming your way.
it's like u're thinking. YES! finally i have done my project, time to rest. but there is no rest here.

We have like 9 terms (or semesters) of never-ending assignments and projects.
and maybe after we finish here, when we're working, maybe it is the same life that u gonna get.

- briefing of projects
- thinking of ideas (sleep late or no sleep)
- proposing ideas ( if it's accepted)
- execute the work (sleep late or no sleep)
- presentation
then u get ur money.

and then another company, and u do it again, the same thing basically. over and over again.
and I'm sure, after we are in the working life, sleeping is like NOT important. finishing the project is more important. and we know it's very very bad for ur health.

yeah u get good money from it, but do u know how much hospital will cost u when u're finally sick.

yeah u can RETIRE AT THE AGE OF 38 ( after all those hard work, all those NO SLEEP TONIGHT, finally at the age of 38 u're as rich as a polar bear )
BUT what about all the side effects?

the principle of this life is : " There is always the SIDE effects and the consequences of EVERYTHING you do "

so do u really want to be rich when ure young but of course u die faster, with no happiness and no social life. yeah u have money, with money comes power, with power comes everything.
but money can't get u ur social life, ur happiness, and most importantly ur loved ones, or ur family.

WE ARE NOT robots that are controlled by money are we?
ask urself, is work and money that important to u?

when u die, ur work and ur money wont grieve for u. but ur family and ur loved ones will lose their world forever.

..DO you really want this TOA life, forever?

or maybe IT IS this life that is THAT hard. well, i can say not really..
nowadays u can get rich easy. yes i mean easy without do much, u get a steady income. example? Internet. well that's not my point of this article. (article? lol), so im not goin to explain why internet.

to conclude,
LIFE is meant to be enjoyed and cherished each day. U appreciate every second of ur breath. u will never know that maybe later or tomorrow u will die.
take this life as a gift and not a curse.


"Do not fear death so much, but rather the inadequate life."
Bertolt Brecht

"A man should not leave this earth with unfinished business. He should live each day as if it was a pre-flight check. He should ask each morning, am I prepared to lift-off?"
Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider