Monday, February 8, 2010

Indonesian batik...not malaysian


my friend jus told me that she went to central market (thats in malaysia) and she saw the bag that she bought in indonesia is being sold thre (i hv another frend that has tat similar bag, she bought it in, obviously, indonesia)

, it’s a batik textured bag.. and she said that they said it was made in malaysia (im not trying to argue over whats the origin of batik coz theyre shared cultures in many countries).

anyway, my friend’s bag looks like that in the pic. it has indonesian batik textures, earth tone, weird

patterns, blablabla, thats definitely an indonesian batik. BCOZ malaysian batik doesn look like tat, it has different patterns and colors, theyre more colorful n brighter.

Indonesian batik

Malaysian batik

check out the link to prove it urself.

and one more thing, if it’s really made in malaysia then why is it priced at 39rm which she only bought for 35000rupiah (13rm).

yeah im a bitch of bothering bout this thing, bcoz i love my

country thats y

Sunday, February 7, 2010


formspring me, awesome!