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Project Concept Proposal

Project Definition

I was a given a task to redesign a commercial website that was given randomly and I got Pathlab (
Pathlab is a healthcare centre that was established in 1952. They have 50 branches throughout Peninsular and East Malaysia.
I have to study their existing website and its target audience to propose a new concept to enhance the website.

I have to create at least 8 HTML pages, that shows at least 3 levels of content structure.
I am given 8 weeks to do this project.
I'm not allowed to change the logo and the identity, and to reposition the brand.

Current Site's Analysis Goals

The website is supposed to attract people to go there and do something like a medical check up, health-based. And they have an online community for us to join, it is called Pathlab Online Community (e-Pal). If you are a member of it, you can get online promotions or vouchers from them.
They have this flash banner showing that you can get free cholesterol test but only applicable for online members, which I think they should do this kind of promotion more.

They also have some services and products, the services include health screening package and golden premium healthcare membership programme. For the products they have health supplements, named Groway.

They should really update their site more often for people to trust them and wanting to join the e-Pal more, because it is written down there year 2005. Which means it was 4 years ago that either it was the year the website was created or the last time they updated it.
If it was me I will have doubts by looking at it, because it somehow shows that they are not that serious to serve people. Even simple and small changes need to be made to get trusts from people.

Client's Analysis

Established in 1952, the PATHLAB group of companies have, over the years, been providing its services to the medical fraternity and the general public in Malaysia and is now the largest medical testing group in the region. With more than 50 branches throughout Peninsular and East Malaysia, the PATHLAB group of companies, have been growing in tandem with the progress of the country.

The vision is to become the largest private healthcare and medical testing group in Asia.
The mission is to be the leader in our business of providing technologically-advanced healthcare services and products to satisfy the needs of the community.

And this is the corporate creed:

roviding excellent service is our goal
Assuring customer satisfaction is our role
Teamwork is practiced to ensure improvement
Helping to serve the community is our commitment
Leading the industry is our vision
Achieving quality in our organization
Being reliable in all our actions

Short & Long-term Site Goals

For the short term one I think it will be better if they have more promotions like I mentioned before about they are having free cholesterol test if you are an e-Pal member. And I guess they should have like a seasonal campaign for a specific subject. For example we are having this swine flu thing at the moment, so they can do something like a just-in-case-test campaign for people that are having normal flu for free, maybe they can also have free talks from the doctors for people to be more aware and gain more knowledge about what is actually swine flu and how can we help to prevent getting one.
From there people can see they are actually really care about our health, and of course gain their trust because for a healthcare centre, trust from the people is very important.

And it can effect for the long-term as well once they have gained the people's trust.
They have this e-Pal thing as well which I think it is considered as to be one of the long-term goal. Give them promotions, vouchers, news about epidemic, well eventually diseases are something like a trend now (and I believe in the coming future as well) , so by giving them information about those "new" diseases, people will want to go and do some check up.

Target Audience

The target audience will be people who worries and cares about their health, those that want to live longer than any other people. The age range will be very wide even for small children I believe, because they have their parents to bring them there, and for old people as well. So it will be for families.

They can get news about the epidemic or diseases that is "popular" nowadays, they can join into the e-Pal, an online community so that they can get special promotions or vouchers, or maybe they can connect with other member and share some information.
They also have some nutrition advice from Chua Helen, a nutritional advisor, and they can ask questions from her as well.
They have the health section, some useful information to know more about cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

All of that can actually engage them to the site if they are really care about their health.

Competitor's Analysis

Primary would be Sime Darby Healthcare and KPJ Healthcare

- Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sime Darby Group, one of Malaysia's largest conglomerates with interests in plantation, property, industrial, motors, energy, utilities, healthcare and growing businesses in China.

It is an internationally accredited tertiary care medical centre serving the primary and tertiary healthcare needs of the region.

To become the gold standard healthcare provider of the region

Sime Darby Healthcare is committed to promote, improve and sustain:
  • Excellent integrated healthcare services where innovation and teaching are integral to the delivery of care
  • Customer focused preventive, diagnostic and curative healthcare services that touches all individuals
  • Quality education that nurtures competent and compassionate healthcare personnel
We strive to deliver, improve and sustain all stakeholders’ interests and returns.

- KPJ Healthcare Berhad is one of the leading private healthcare providers in the region with a network of 18 hospitals in Malaysia, 3 in Indonesia, 1 in Bangladesh and 2 in Saudi Arabia. With more than 3,000 licensed beds, KPJ hospitals offer a comprehensive range of medical services and have treated more than 2 million outpatients and 170,000 inpatients in 2007.

The Vision:
The preferred provider in healthcare services.

The Mission:
Deliver quality healthcare services to our customers.

Core value:
Safety, Courtesy, Integrity, Professionalism, and continuous improvement.

Secondary would be BP Healthcare

- BP Healthcare Group established in 1982, has undergone aggressive expansion and transformation over the years. Today, it has become one of Malaysia's foremost integrated healthcare provider with core competence and innovative strength in diagnostic, laboratory and medical technologies, together with other complementary specialized healthcare services. It is the group's ultimate aim to provide one-stop integrated healthcare solutions to its customers through its group of companies. The jewel of the group is our diagnostic centre which has enjoyed success since its inception.

Teritary would be Roche

- As a research-focused healthcare company, Roche discovers, develops and provides innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products and services that deliver significant benefits to patients and healthcare professionals – from early detection and prevention of diseases to diagnosis, treatment and treatment monitoring.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Client's Site


-the design can be more fun so can attract people more to go there, as now it looks pretty unconvincing and scary
-the color is scary, should use softer color maybe
-too many division for the contents
-boring content design (the images take most of the attention)
-they left too much space in some pages for some division for contents which i think it's not necessary. I think they can use the spaces they have to put in the contents.
-one of the roll-down navigation button information is written different with the one in the content although it is the same page. so i think it can confuses people.

Client's Competitors Sites

Sime Darby Healthcare

-the whole design is pretty easy to access and pretty good looking, but in some pages when they have lots of information it can be quite hard confusing.
-looks kinda friendly, the mood, so it can attract people to go there and do check up.
-the good thing is that they have sitemap, and i think of all the websites, from mypathlab and the rest of the competitors that i have browsed through, this one is the best, in my opinion.
-many options of navigation which is good, and easy to go here and there.

-quite easy navigation, but in some pages, all the contents are kinda packed.
-lots of contents but still quite easy to read, but sometimes it is really confusing.
-kinda flat for the design, they should maybe add more colors and some elements (too serious)
-the images (and the design) inside are pretty serious looking one. can be scary for a healthcare place. they should make it look more fun

BP Healthcare Group

-very confusing starting page (the very first page before entering into the home page), not clear where to click to go in.
-navigation and content is pretty neat, consistent.
-it will be nicer if they add more design element, because it's pretty boring now
-as i said before, it will be better still if they have more friendly images to attract more people

KPJ Healthcare

-contents all over the place and the awards down there all fighting for attention makes it very confusing
-the navigation is not really clear where is it
-as i have mentioned before the awards are not necessary to have it down there
-maybe they are trying to show to people that they have awards, and it's pretty important because this health thing is a serious thing so people can trust them more. but yea they shouldn't put it down there. some people can think this company is really 'kiasu', at least I, myself think that.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Commercial Websites


- an alcoholic drink website but they make it really interactive and fun.
-very interactive, we can make our own drink and play games such as cutting the kiwi, or mixing it.
-simple looking website and easy navigation. interactive as well.
-beautiful looking products.
-they even have the tutorials on making drinks.
-for me, they are trying to make alcohol to look good and fun, like as if everyone can drink it and it tastes nice. To be honest, they make them just like juices that is fun and less serious, which i think it can be quite misleading for some people. You just have to be mature to drink and become a responsible one.

Ford Mustang

-a really really cool car.
-easy navigation (they have more than one navigation option).
-the background acts as the flash movie as well.
-interactive customization for the car (not graphic based meaning the car changes in real car visual)
-the target audiences are for those who loves sport cars that looks elegant, but tough as well. (not like porsche or ferrari that looks more luxurious)
-the color mood looks a bit greyish, a bit dull feeling, for me somehow to show the seriousness of the car, as if to say don't screw with me or you'll get screwed

Puma (Shoes)

-using things as a comparison on which one is heavier, the shoes or the things (creative idea to show the selling point of the shoes)

-simple, nice looking flash website (play with the space)

-easy navigation

-interactive way to show the look of the shoes.

-i believe they are targeting for young/active people. not only for sports purpose but as well for fashion.

-puma still maintain their image of combining sporty/elegant/active/subtle for their products in my opinion.

-in this website, puma is not only promoting the shoes, but their other apparels as well. you can see from the girl and the guy are wearing puma products.


-although it's not a really flash site but they have a fun interactivity.

-showing the products in a fun way (and explaining it) like a movie. and it can inspire people on how to arrange the furniture.

-it's like in a fantasy world with the products inside (new and creative idea that can change people's perception of furniture that's boring)

-fun navigation.

-i think it's pretty innovative and unique for a furniture shop to have this kind of interactive website. can really attract people to buy

-beside the flash interactive site, they also have the normal one maybe for people with slower connection to browse through their items.

-in my opinion, they are intending for wider area of buyers, not only for women, housewives, old ladies (furniture..duh), but also for young people like us, no matter what your gender is, and no matter what your job is

Tutorial Site URL's

-HTML/CSS/Javascript tutorials-

-Design/Effects tutorials-