Sunday, April 19, 2009

19 April

11 more hours to fly back to hometown

it's 5.34 am, and i'd better go to sleep.
It was a pretty fun term, i guess. Looking forward to a more fun one!

end of 2nd year 2nd term (5th term) ------------------------------------------------------------------ closed.

sampai jumpa Sunway, tunggu aku Jakarta

and see you friends.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Wow.. just wow.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


4 more days and counting..kinda.

I'm in a big big confusion right now,
D90 is too expensive for me.
so D60 or D80?
D5000 is out now which i think it's a perfect one. but it's going to be released here around June, and my class starts in May.

haiz haiz haizzz

Saturday, April 11, 2009

8 More Days

I jus can't believe it's already the end of the term, again.
I still remember clearly last term, when Joanne Kok told us, next term will be fun because we can learn something different which is HTML.
and here we are, end of the term, of the next term.
Just finished SEA test, so... left rendering and typo digital.
pretty relaxed.

I've been literally torturing myself this past 1 week. have been sleeping past 6am most of the time, really really pushing myself out of my limit. and well i guess it was all worth it xD great.

its been long long time ago since the last time i watched movie!in a cinema.
the last was Watchmen. omg. i need to pamper myself now..

its 11 april, which means 8 more days to my hometown. ya, it is so fast.

i can remember cleary chinese new year, when i was home alone and doing projects.
cut my own hair, and well..'mohawked' it.
did piercing on my ears.
i did a lot of stuff this term, coz it's boring. anyways.......................................................

i found out something this term, especially after the KL Design Week trip, that i dont like commercial designs. i dont like vector, anything aesthetic and people think it's beautiful, i think it's boring.
too many ppl can do it, and been doing it. so i feel that, so what if i do another vector. it will be the same.

i like something 'ugly', 'messy', ARTISTIC, out of the box, something dadaist.
well what can i do, at the end of the day i still need to go out to work, and of course they want something people can accept, mainstream.

talking bout KLDW, it was fun! fun fun fun. im sure for some people they know my reasons :p
we really should have that kinda trip again :D

anyways. this term has been pretty up and down. . . friday is my favourite day of the week, and i just realized it after some few weeeeks :p

see you when i see you