Wednesday, December 9, 2009

7th SEM closed.. kinda, tomorrow though

umm, this stupid STREAMYX / TM/ MALAYSIAN INTERNET COMPANY..wait, so-called-INTERNET..again, fucking with us. cant online. dunno what happened. fuckers.
so i gotta write this earlier, since im in lab.

anyway, 3rd year 1st sem is over. wow, 2 more sems to go. who couldve imagined, seems like yesterday i was jus writing my last sem closing post.

okay,,,, this sem...hmm well i got a helix piercing 9/10. new imac woohoo 23/11. anddd well...
oh oh oh FFF2009. freedom film festival :D we got into that hohoho

branding in new media, we did must kiss lips za lipstick...mmmmm i guess, its okay? not that satisfied though, but,,, mmm okay

dsm 3.. in this class rite now, waiting for the group and individual evaluation, wahhhh gik dong ooooooo zzzz.. anyway, i dunno how is it, but as for the exhibition part and everything it was okay, again, not satisfied, but okay. although i kinda like my 1st project about smell. that was fun.
*edited* screwed up lol. first project which is smell, i did well. for the 2nd one, which is the prototype, the project one, totally totally screwed. dammmmdamdamn. totally pulled down the 1st project mark. and well, i expect this subject to get really sucky mark, i dunno, D? C? such a shame , but anyway i gotta deal with that fact and move on and learn from the experience. at least she said i passed. AND seriously try to analyze my self, on my weaknesses, my bad attitudes, etc, etc.... gotta deal with that shit. have to be better on group work. serioussssslyyyyyyyyy.

motion. haiz, im doin on indonesian dances, kindaaaa mmmmmm well okay XD everything seems to be okay only, satisfied? not sure, maybe? considering the given time. but still, i know i can do better, but what can i do? i still have to concentrate on other projects.

3d. tomorrow for final presentation, cannon, arsenal. modelling part, pretty fun. animating one,,, mmmm it's very normal for me.

advanced video, yeah, this is the most fun and exciting. had a screening yesterday. 8 dec 2009.
the feedback from lects are pretty positive, that was kinda a surprise for me. didnt sleep before the presentation/screening day, totally tired.
our short film title is 'esc' . im the co director, but also on the scrpit, editing, sound, designing the poster n credits part. the poster down there. its quality dropped. kinda. the color and stuff, but anyway yeah there it is. this , as far as i can remember, by far, the most fun group ive ever been. at least everyones doing their work. and they did well. reallllllly had fun, (maybe), during shooting. challengingggggggg, but thats what this life for hohoho.
ugh, the factory scene shooting day, it was SUPERNOVA HOT outside. literally burned my skin. face hands everything became dark dfkl;jfgg. but im surviving :)

and um, im goin back on 11 dec, 5:10pm flight, be back here on the 3rd jan.

um, pretty confusing sem, for my mmmm uknowlife. some has been really gooooood to me, but...anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy.

good luck to everyone, me, friends, family, junior, senior, everyone.