Friday, May 30, 2008

CoLoR palette analysis

okay here goes my analysisssssss......

what i can feel from this set of color is that it has a cool feeling, calm, but cold too. A bit dull and not that exciting.

This set of color ...
it has a complimentary color there, blue and orange.
i feel this one is like somehow a combination of calm and peaceful and exciting .

I feel this set of color is some kind of pastel and soft color.

It has dark feeling too, and FALL (you know the season, winter summer spring fall) feeling as well.

This set has a elegant feeling, because it's only black and white and grey. The color looks like those tiles in an expensive malls, and sometimes they have it inside their restrooms too (of course the luxurious one)

The color here is also has a combination of dark , cool color with soft but exciting color.
The blue and yellow is a bit soft but it is a bright color showing the excitement. And on the right part there, the blues show the dark feeling color.

For this one the color set looks like the 'skin color set' in Adobe.
Somehow it also has the fall feeling, but it has a darker color.
And I don't know why, but when I see the colors, I think about tobacco.

This color set has a calm, peaceful feeling but in a romantic way. It's quiet and soft.
It has the 'love mood' feeling.
It also has the "luxury" feeling.

This set color has a complimentary color, the red and the green, although it's not a perfect green. it's more into blueish green.
I think of USA when I see this set, because the color is similar to their national team jersey.
It has a moody/dark feeling (the first three colors of the set) but the red is very attractive and very eye catching compared to the others. So it's not that dark anymore, it's like mixed feeling.

This color set has a "park/garden" feeling.
it has the earthy feeling, like nature, down to earth.
it has the soft, peaceful mood.

This color set has a bit of dark feeling somehow.
it has a bit of soft feeling and calm but it also feels 'hot', as in the weather, not sexy 'hot'.

that's it I think

Thursday, May 29, 2008

stream ix

STREAM : 1. a small, narrow river
2. a continuous flow of liquid, air, or gas

taken from dictionary Thesaurus
why do they call it STREAMYX..
because they're ******* SUCKS!!!!!

it took them weeks just to set up a simple internet connection in a simple house in a simple country.
and not only that, they seem like having some sensation or personal excitement if they keep disconnecting our connection. bunch of fetish ****** !!!

if only my friends didn't say that maxis broadband suxxxxxxx, i would surely go for them. instead of this GREAT TELEKOM MALAYSIA SDN BHD.

back in my hometown (Indonesia or sweden????) they just need few hours to set up an internet connection, though they still have problems but at least we can use it A.S.A.P.

pretty lucky the lights on the modem stopped blinking like few hours ago, let's hope it will stay that way foreveeer. because yesterday the light stopped blinking only from midnight to afternoon (maybe around 1AM - 2PM), and from that time onwards the light starts to blink again (which shows that there's no active connection)
eventhough we are the one students, it doesn't mean that we're only ALIVE at midnights does it???

that's it I think
dunno what to say

Thursday, May 15, 2008

F1rst. (not so)

another new blog

another testing