Thursday, September 2, 2010


I have always written a post everytime I am done with the semester since the 5th (I guess). Just to conclude and sum up whatever things I did on that particular sem.

I forgot to do it until I read back my 8th sem post. and so we go…

This sem subjects are
Industry Practice
Graduation Campaign

FPS 2, time for production, shooting, cutting, editing, refining. got a bit of hard time during shooting bcoz of the small place I got and bits of continuity problems.
to be honest I didnt like the end product of it, it’s mmm cheesy.
anyway surprisingly I got quite a good response during my internal presentation and expectedly I got screwed for my external one, bcoz of the guest assessor .
Not that fun for this one.

Industry practice. I got to work for 8TV for a project called July Newbies. and it was on air for a month! :D
It is to show what are the new upcoming shows that is on 8TV in July.
We gotta go there twice a week, wednesday n friday (was it friday?) to meet with them n show progress. Good thing is that we didn’t need to stay at the office, but I did for 2 times, I stayed there n came back alone boo hoo.
It is fun though, the people are nice n friendly.
It’s a nice place to work just that it is too small and wayyyyy bloody cold!

Graduation campaign.
what can i say for this… I got voted for the Assistant head spot for PR n EO. below Jiavoon and Chee Sang which are the Deputy head and the Head respectively.
Our campaign name for this batch was Pixels 78. the idea came from Jared and the concept is pretty much like; we are like pixels. one pixel might do nothing, but combined together we can produce such high quality resolution on, anywhere.
WELL. so many things to do, we got the Garage Sale, Eco Week, ACG (Anime Comic Games) Week, Caricature at Sunway Pyramid, etc. the last 2 were the ones that’re unforgettable for me.
Ice breaking games.
Gallery set up.

this subject was fun at first, and supposed to be fun. but bcoz of some PEOPLE in the committee or outside of it that only TALKED without any ACTION that made it so much worse. tensions rising up. blood all over the place. and IDIOTS everywhere.
yeah, IDIOTS. that’s a good word for them. or him. fucking a no brainer. ga ada otak.
whatever man. I jus dont have respect for u and ur friends. and i dont talk to people i dont respect. for me u guys dont exist. even unicorns seem more real to me.

we had our opening ceremony on the 24th Aug 2010. around 7pm.
we all dressed up, it was actually the first time I saw EVERYONE dressed up nicely together in toa lol. we are zombies for most of the time, no social life.
and it was so nice, we said hi to each other, we talked, it’s just like as if we all just met. we took so many pictures. we want the memories to be kept forever :D
happy and in the same time sad n scary. time flies!
3 years have gone by, all the ups and downs, all the arguments, all the tears as a result of the massive workload (not me), the depressions… it’s just, done. that’s it!

people are now going on their own ways. some have already started working. some are waiting to go for further study (ME!)
we are going to be separated.

I am finally leaving Malaysia, I still remember how I cant wait to get the hell out of here. how I dont like some of the things here, even the people around, just hating it haha. but then after 4 years I’d be mad if I wont be missing the times I had spent here.

I have met SO MANY new friends here. many new people as well (thanks for grad. campaign). some people are assholes but most of them are nice and some left a huge impact on me that I dont think I will forget for a long long long time.
just like childhood memories, no matter how old u are u’ll still feel a twinge.

thus just like the saying people are brought just to be separated in the end. all good things come to an end eh? for a new beginning of course :)

OH YEAH, this sem I didnt add anymore piercing, didnt do crazy hairstyles. just pretty normal.
umm bought ticket to newcastle for 16 September flight. that is 2 more weeks left.
went to apply the visa for uk, waited for hours, n i went there for 3 times! 3 times waiting! but i saw lots of hmmmmmm people. interesting people. so its okay.
now im waiting for my UK visa to be approved, then only I can go back to indonesia (coz my malaysian visa expires on the 11th), and come back here again, and then UK.
nervous n excited! my european dream is soooooooo close now.

been hanging out so much with my malaysian friends, FUTSAL EVERY TUESDAY (no more). kampar, ipoh, malacca, kuala selangor in within one week time. and theyre planning to go to penang next week, i dunno if i can go.
i will never forget the dare i did lol. “ure fucking sexy” XDDDDD

this semester is pretty exciting n crazy, and at times SAD. unstable, mixed feelings and shit haha
finally went for clubbing! can u believe thaaat, me, go clubbing! after so long being in a place thats surrounded by clubs I guess thats pretty lame lol

anyway… when some things in ur past that u need to forget but u cant but u have to move on with ur own life, u say this..

new beginning, new friends, new environment, new life, Newcastle.