Friday, March 27, 2009

User Testing *updated*

So. this is the design for my tutorial website... Mine is "How to make a sushi" tutorial website.

Main Page
History of Sushi

What do you think of the whole design?
a. Great!
b. Normal. . .
c. UGLY!

What do you think of the mood and the color?
a. Great!
b. Normal. . .
c. UGLY!

What do you think of the navigation / the structure?
a. Easy to navigate!
b. Let's see. . . oh okay got it.
c. I totally forgot how to use technology.

If you have any other comments, anything.. it would be nice, thanks!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Part 2

1. We always think that we are better than the 'other' design uni.
Although, how can we be so sure?

2. We like to daydream what if we had taken other major rather than design. (Well at least for some MM students)

3. Our student tag is only useful for getting student price at TGV.
(the IT department is just so great we can't even go into our own class)

4. Our login account was created just for the sake of having a login account.
(the IT department is just so great we can't even log in using our own account)

5. The name is The One Academy for a reason, we are 'the only' "international" design college that's using Dell.

6. Time passes faster than in Narnia.

7. The best "facility" we got is the water dispenser up on the 3rd floor. (Since there is no more Sunway Lagoon. HEY DECREASE OUR FEES!!!!!!)

8. We have the best washroom ever! The sweet scent of it . . .

9. We got MORE knowledge from tutorial websites. We are our OWN lecturers.

10. A: " Hey how was your uni or college life? "
We: " I've never got into one. My whole life i've spent, it has all been in a 'school' "

11. A: " You know that college life is the best and the most fun! :D "
We: " It's a myth "

12. A: " When is your worst weekend ever in your life? "
We: " Every weekends while I serve in TOA "

13. In my personal opinion, TOA designs (from the graduates, lecturers, or seniors) is too conservative and not modern enough..BORING!
What do we see always? Vector art, photoshop, illustration. When was the last time you see any TOA people did big installation arts, environmental arts, DADAISM (e.g Marcel Duchamp's Fountain, L.H.O.O.Q. ..trace back your history of art n design guys lol) , those out-of-the-box stuff that common people won't understand but actually it's ART.

I guess we are not daring enough.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Vegetarian Mission

1 March 2009. 12:08 AM (as i'm writing this)

We have this thing, more like a mission to become a vegetarian for 1 whole month starting Feb. So i'ts counted for 28 days only.

We are :

• Joyce (failed when she ate meat in face to face on the 5th, or 6th day? anyway it was less than one week)

• Yenshing (same with Joyce)

• Jia Yee (ate meat on the 2nd or the 3rd day? but anyway she continued until when she ate meat around 1 week / few days before the end of the month . . . failed)

• Jessica (exception: she can eat fish. succeeded I suppose)

• ME (of course I succeeded! didn't eat meat at all except for one 'har-beng'?? kerupuk gtu, prawn, but i didnt know it was prawn. and when Frendy's bday party, it's counted as special occasion and it was on the 27th feb anyway n there was no veggie!)


i knew i could do it. and lots of ppl doubt it. SOME ppl. and though they were the one who failed muahaha.
don't critique other ppl UNLESS u know u can do better than them.

anyway, wheres my subway joc????