Sunday, April 18, 2010


i usually do this on blogger, kinda a tradition every end of the sem but oh well, im gonna copy paste to it later.. so yeah

yesterday I had finally done my presentation which ends the mark of 3rd year 2nd sem.
didnt sleep before the presentation, and after i went to pc fair. awake for 30hrs, then i crashed for almost 12 hrs :D
another tough tough tough sem, probably the toughest one so far!

so HMMM okay whats the highlights for this sem..
i got my tragus pierced on 14 march i guess?
chinese new year on valentine’s day. the quietest week ever, i was home alone for like 10 days probably..

sold satay celup!
got interviewed! by the guys from 8TV
bought holga and fatlens :D
stupidly opened up the camera cover without rewinding it first resulting in a wasteful 36 pics camera roll

EARTH HOUR on 27 March.. and on 28 March I bought panasonic battery haha, not important at all.. or is it??? *evil face* nah no nothing important wit tat..

applied for further degree studies
gosh my head is hurting rite now

for the subjects this sem…. advancd motion graphic HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
no comment on this

digital portfolio! kinda enjoyed it althou at times it’s killing me figuring out the stupid script, gosh i hate scripting! but i love Chicken!

FPS 1 ————— IDEA IDEA IDEA got stressed up by this. luckily something jolts my brain at the right time, and luckily im doing video! and luckily i dropped the idea of website. u know im not really a website guy nor interactive one. but overall it’s a pretty enjoyable subject, better than dsm 3 though

business n client management.. the most relaxed subject of all, i often forget i have this class . but anyway WE SOLD SATAY CELUP WOHO. quite fun keeping all those money although i think we didnt get any profit out of it haha stoopid. did we???

advancd web design, SATURDAY CLASS IS A NO NO!!! and it’s a big class in a small n congested room. kinda hard to concentrate, and the thing, it’s saturday! psychologically it’s the day when thinking is a crime. my brain doesnt wanna do that but i forced him to focus on php, xml, wordpress, local host„etcetcetc .. poor brain

thats it, anything else did i miss out?

im goin back on the 23rd. and 21 is knockin on my door SCARY!